IVR is an active part of this development.
By reason that we know the complexity of the tasks and also the demands for reliable and answerable technic we provide knowledge, operating experience and technic. Diversified.
Thus: two technologies, 15 blasting media, premium accessories, consulting service, maintenance, service. For your full concentration on your customers.
  • Blasting machines
  • Different technologies at your choice.
    An „adequate“ technic for your task – that is beneficial.

  • Blasting media
  • Types, sizes.... what is particularly efficient and for a reasonable cost/performance ratio for what kind of task?

  • Spare parts
  • Spare parts and consumables for blasting machines.

  • Extras
  • of all kinds; accessoires like turntables, turntables with trolley and loading frame …

  • Staff training
  • The continous education of our staff members assures the high IVR quality standard in consulting service, engineering and service.
Perfect surface, systematic, soft cleaning.

Metal, synthetics. Series, single piece.

The treatment of surfaces and structured
workpieces demands more and more
decided requirements.

The blasting technology has developed